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On Site Piano Lessons

Discover the joy of music right in your community. Our on-site piano lessons, held in the serene setting of Case United Church, offer personalized instruction for all levels. Whether you’re starting your musical journey or refining your skills, find inspiration and guidance in a local, supportive environment

In-Home Piano Lessons

Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort with our personalized piano instruction right at your doorstep. Our dedicated teachers come to you, ensuring a relaxed and familiar learning environment in your own home. Perfect for busy schedules and those who prefer learning in their personal space.

Yearly Recital

A Celebration of Music and Community! Join us at our annual recital, a highlight of the year where all students come together to showcase their progress and talents. It’s a unique opportunity for learners to experience performing live, share their musical journey with peers, and enjoy a day of memorable performances. 

meet the teacher

Beginning her piano journey at age 4, Sotyria has grown into a certified Royal Conservatory of Music teacher. With a background enriched by the Mohawk College Applied Music Program, she brings 25 years of teaching experience. Her passion shines through in her commitment to guiding students toward achieving their own musical goals. More than a teacher, she’s a mentor who finds genuine joy in witnessing the growth and development of her students in the world of music. Sotyria excels in keeping students engaged and passionate about their lessons. 

Her approach includes teaching theory, incorporating music games, and introducing popular songs to maintain interest and enthusiasm. She takes pride in guiding students towards their Royal Conservatory examination certificates, all while ensuring they love every step of their musical journey.

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